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A warm word of welcome. We are looking forward to forgive strong and lasting relationships with all the members at iEYe, as we together support our members to their life journey at iEYe. iEYe provides one of the best platform where innovation and dreams become a working plan . Try our comprehensive range of online services that you need for website designing, web hosting, program applications and much more. And download Fressure today! Innovating Innovation.

  • Web Designing & Development

    We are masters of web development tools and technologies and work with a wide range of platforms including HTML, CSS, Javascript for core front-end development; MySQL, JAVA (currently working) for server side development and Weebly, Blogger or Wix for content management. We help business set-up their fully customised e-commerce store with modern payment methods and much more.

  • Digital Marketing

    The iEYe team combines technological ability with marketing insight and we help businesses in doing so by building optimized apps and web solutions for mobile devices. As more and more fraction of the internet is being consumed over smartphones and other hand-held devices, it becomes important to stay connected with your audience over the mobile platform.

  • Productivity with Technology

    We are also Excel, Powerpoint and Google Business Apps pros, and we offer professional presentation design services for businesses and organizations, and we create super-awesome Excel and Cloud based tools that give our clients that extra productivity. We also create Ads for your business, social media marketing, logo branding, graphics desgin and many. Hire us and be seen!

  • We are not cheap infact innovative and affordable!

    Smart & Creative Design

    Great HTML Template made with clean Codes. Which will make you proud of your Business, Portfolio, Photography, Blog, and much more. Fully customized web tools and services with a team of new concepts and visions to modify and polish web, graphic and app development.

    Latest Tech News from iTechz Care

    Mind the fine print: iPhone 7 warranty doesn't cover liquid damage

    The iPhone 7 is water-resistant and that's a nice feature to have as it definitely gives you peace of mind. However, reading the footnotes on the iPhone 7 specs page reveals that phone's warranty doesn't cover liquid damage...

    First camera samples from the Sony Xperia XZ are here

    The Sony Xperia XZ is the company's true flagship - as we suspected the X Performance was just the interim one, to hold some ground against the Korean top-dogs while the finishing touches on the XZ were being done. Well it's here now, and we were quick to go out and shoot some camera samples...

    YouTube for Android gets a design update

    YouTube for Android has received a new design-related update. It's a server-side update that relocates the navigation bar to the bottom of the application. The bar was earlier at the top (the leftmost screenshot in the image below)...

    Pokemon Go hits 500 million downloads milestone

    Mobile-gaming sensation Pokemon Go has hit yet another milestone - it has been installed over 500 million times worldwide. This was revealed by the Pokemon Company and Niantic in an official press release earlier today...

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